Molto Recordings

Molto Recordings is one of the oldest and respected dance labels in Italy. Molto manages various important sub-labels and is one of the most important group in Italy for the production of big selling CDs compilation (such as Papeete Beach). Born as a traditional label with releases on vinyl and CDs, Molto has crossed the borders of the big changes in music business and it’s becoming one of the leading group for digital sales and web based promotion, reaching a very wide number of users with weekly newsletters. Is now one of the most fruitful labels on the international dance scene with releases from: Cristian Marchi, Paul Richard, D.O.N.S., Mattias & G80s, Juan Magan, Diego Broggio, Maurizio Nari, Stylus Robb, Unconditional, Maurizio Gubellini, Nicola Zucchi, Luca Belloni & Omonimo, Gianluca Motta & Robbie Groove. Feel free to subscribe the newsletter on your right and stay in touch with Molto!


Sound Division

Sound Division is the oldest label of Molto Recordings Group: it keeps rocking dancefloors with house music, kicking with the best artists around! Sound Division features some of the best djs and producers such as Pink Fluid, Fuzzy Hair, Mason, TV Rock, Terence Trent D’Arby, Macy Gray, ATFC, Stefano Amalfi, Loleatta Holloway, Syke’n'Sugarstarr, Josè Nunez, Bobby Blanco, Erick Morillo, Cerrone, Harry Choo Choo Romero, Flickman, Robbie Rivera, Alesso, Andrea Love, Tom Novy, Gary Caos, Phunk Electric, Chocolate Puma, Room 5 and one of the strongest hit ever, “Shined On Me” by Praise Cats!


Casting Couch Records

Casting Couch records born as label that is not stuck into just one genre, under the artistic direction of one of the most respected Italian dj and producer: Luca Cassani. After his deep experience on international floors, his influences come over the years from thousand artists and labels, styles and genres. So Casting Couch’s aim is very simple: to release good quality house, disco, soul , pop, electro, rock: if it’s good … it’s good.


Virus T Studio Recordings

Virus T Studio Records is a label that was born from an idea of Riccardo Tesini, owner and artist director of Virus T Studio, for developing a new philosophy of music, set on new elements of sound.


Stik Records

Text coming soon.


Btwisted Recordings

After 10 years in the business Andrea Bertolini, together with his partner Vanshock proudly launch their new label ‘Btwisted Recordings’. Progressive, techno, electronic, this is the musical direction, with positive collaboration with young djs and producers from all around Europe.


Python Records

Python is a sub label of the italian music brand Molto srl. Young sister of names such as Sound Division, Stik, Minimalistik and CSK, Python has been formed to be home for underground electro and minimal djs. Featuring on his rooster already some of the most cutting edge performes in Europe, Python is rapidally growing both in the new digital domain as well as in the tradional vynil enviroment and has linked with international djs like Mason, Micheal Grey, Granite and Phunk and Luca Bacchetti.


Mamo Records

Text coming soon.


Molto POP

Moltopop is a melting pot of cool, lounge, pop, latin styles, with such amazing artists such as Rarotango, Tabata Project, El V, Taff, Giloya and many more. The perfect music blend for your everyday selection.

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